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MacCompta Pro 6.2.15

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Modifications and improvements since the previous version:

  • Mac OS : optimization for Monterey and Big Sur
  • Windows : printing issue fixed
  • Windows : installation of Lutry and Lutry Narrow fonts
  • Windows : background color refreshment bug fixed
  • Windows : bug which occurred when starting to drag a line fixed
  • Preferences : issue concerning variables containing apostrophes fixed
  • Preferences : printing issue fixed
  • Preferences : export and import of MacCompta user preferences enabled
  • Journal : lines keep their title status after modification, duplication or moving
  • Backup : also works with files stored on the network
  • Account extract export : issue with account list fixed
  • Journal : bug regarding Journal opening at the top fixed
  • About window : license status shows in the window
  • Export : encoding issue fixed
  • Import : accounting plan importation issue fixed
  • Import : bug which occurred when importing a file containing an empty line fixed
  • New document : keeps document configuration when copying an accounting plan
  • Auto closing : autocompletion of Journal line disabled
  • Account number change : copy-paste bug fixed
  • New function : reversal of selected lines in Journal
  • Annual license : license renewal can now be accessed in the Help menu
  • Annual license : once the license expires, the deadline before returning to demo mode was extended
  • Annual license : the license expiration alert is no more displayed at each start
  • Network : all links redirecting to MacCompta website were secured (HTTPS)
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Mac OS 12 Monterey

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Apple has just released its new operating system Mac OS 12 – Monterey.

MacCompta Pro is fully compatible with this new system.

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Compatibility Mac OS Big Sur

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Apple just released its new operating system Mac OS 11 Big Sur. MacCompta Pro 6.2.10 is fully compatible with this system.

However, MacCompta X is no more supported by new operating systems that require now MacCompta Pro.

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Free licence for the end 2020

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2020 is coming to its end and you are looking for an accounting software? We have a good offer for you!

MacCompta is an intuitive accounting software that allows you to keep up to date your accounts, easily.

For the end of this year, November and December are free with all new annual licence.

You want to know more about this? Please, contact-us : 021 324 00 74.

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Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

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Apple just launched its new operating system Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. MacCompta Pro is compatible with this new system.

However, MacCompta X is no more supported on this Mac OS. If you upgrade your system or in case of computer replacement, you will need to choose MacCompta Pro.


Last release : MacCompta Pro 6.2.16

Mac OS X 12

MacCompta Pro is fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Monterey.

MacCompta X is now obsolete and no more supported by MacOS.

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