Swiss financial accounting software

Created in 1984 by Frank Métrailler and available today both on Mac and Windows systems, this accounting software has always been appreciated by its users. MacCompta is easy to use. Created especially for SMEs, it is also suitable for private individuals and freelance professionals.

Once you’ve used this simple, intuitive and powerful software, you won’t want to use another one.

Installing and testing in demo mode

You can download MacCompta from this website and install it on your Mac or PC. The software will run in demo mode which will enable you to test and discover its many functions. You’ll find useful resources for beginners in the download section such as the user manual and chart of accounts samples. To get your activation code, just fill out the order form available from the welcome screen in the window which tells you that you are in demo mode.


Once the software is registered, you’ll be able to install all future updates on the same computer without having to register again. The activation code remains valid even after disk formatting. However, if you change computers or hardware, you’ll need to order a new activation code. In this case, make sure the latest version of MacCompta is installed.


MacCompta comes with a backup / consolidate function which allows recovery of deleted lines from a backup copy. This functionality helps avoid some possible file damage which ensures the safety of your data. We strongly recommend using this function which may come in handy.