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It all depends on your needs and your budget.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly tool that allows you to manage your accounting, enter your transactions yourself, and at a lower cost, MacCompta is the ideal accounting program for you.

With a streamlined interface that displays the essentials, we have always aimed to offer an easily accessible and intuitive tool for everyone with MacCompta. In fact, it’s used in many schools for teaching accounting.

Less experienced users can easily add, modify, or delete their entries as needed throughout an accounting period before handing over their documents to an accountant or fiduciary for review and finalization. And for those who are more comfortable with accounting, you can manage everything from A to Z.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an advanced software with invoicing, payroll management, specific statistics, generating integrated and/or automatic Balance Sheets and Income Statements, you’ll need to choose more advanced and also more expensive solutions.

Yes, you can download MacCompta for free, and it will work in default demo mode. This will allow you to test the program and its features with a limit of 500 transactions over a maximum period of 11 weeks.

You can also download our sample chart of accounts to quickly become familiar with MacCompta.

MacCompta Pro is available under an annual licence at CHF 90 per year, which amounts to only CHF 7.50 per month, granting access to all program features. The renewal date is set for 31st December, and the first year is prorated based on the remaining months leading up to the first renewal.

The licence is valid for 1 computer. You have the option to install MacCompta Pro on multiple computers; an additional key costs CHF 36 per year per workstation, with a decreasing rate based on the number of computers.

There are also one-time fees associated with purchasing a licence or upgrading.

Every active annual licence expires on 31st December. There is no obligation to renew for the following year.

The licence will still let you work for 30 days after expiry; afterward, if you do not renew it, MacCompta will revert to demo mode, which will still allow you to continue accessing your documents.

Once you renew the licence, it is reactivated for one year until the following 31st December, and so on, year after year.

No, there is no risk of that; it would go against our philosophy of offering MacCompta at an affordable price for everyone. For your information, the cost of the MacCompta Pro licence has remained unchanged since its launch in 2016.

However, we do not rule out the possibility that the licence price may evolve someday based on cost increases (servers, electricity, etc.), but never to such extents.

Indeed, we have a solution. In order to enable them to manage your documents without having to purchase yet another accounting program, we offer a MacCompta Pro licence to any fiduciary of at least one of our clients.

With your consent, all they need to do is contact us to order a Fiduciary licence, indicating your name as a MacCompta client. We will then provide them with their complimentary licence.

To our valued MacCompta X users, all documents can be easily converted to MacCompta Pro using the MacCompta Pro Converter utility that we provide on our Download page.

You can also download MacCompta Pro and install it on your computer. Upon startup, you’ll be able to request the upgrade for your licence.

In most cases, it is possible to work on a network with MacCompta. However, the program must be installed on each workstation that will be using it, as activation keys are tied to the computer where MacCompta is being used.

For documents that can be accessed by multiple users, we recommend activating the ‘Shared Document’ option in the document configuration to prevent any conflicts from simultaneous openings.

Nevertheless, changes we encounter in data management, including those involving the Cloud, can sometimes lead to undesirable behavior with files, especially when Cloud tools leave only an alias in place of the MacCompta file on your computer.

In the early 1980s, as the first Mac computers appeared in Switzerland, bringing new technical possibilities, new needs arose. In response to several clients’ requests, Frank Métrailler, a computer enthusiast, developed the first accounting software for Mac in Switzerland, MacCompta, which was released in 1984.

Since then, the software has continued to evolve while maintaining its user-friendly simplicity. In 2009, it was taken over by Sébastien Angot, a computer engineer, and MacCompta is now also accessible to Windows PC users. It continues to be constantly improved, taking into account feedback from our loyal users.

Technical support is generally available by phone during office hours at 021 324 00 74 (local non-premium rate number). If unavailable, the best solution is to send us an email at, detailing your request, to which we will typically respond within 24 to 48 business hours.

If you require a callback, please provide your complete contact information along with your availability.

Basic technical support is provided free of charge for questions related to the program, its usage, and any difficulties you may encounter.

Beyond basic support, for matters not directly related to the program or in case of remote screen-sharing interventions, Daily-Soft Ltd reserves the right to bill support time in 5-minute increments at a rate of CHF 120.– per hour. However, you will always be informed in advance.

If you require in-person support, please contact us to inquire about the conditions under which this is possible.

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