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2018 : new VAT rates

Category : updates

In 2018, VAT rates will change as of the 1st of January.

If you are wondering if MacCompta is compatible or if it needs an update, the answer is no!

It is easy, all you need is to make some changes in the accounting plan. For each account, you chosen a VAT rate, there is now two options :

  • you want to work in a brain new document for 2018, so you just need to modify the VAT rate for each concerned account;
  • your want to work in the same document than 2017, you may duplicate concerned account to get a new one with the new VAT rate.

If you have any question, please contact-us.


Last release : MacCompta Pro 6.2.16

Mac OS X 12

MacCompta Pro is fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Monterey.

MacCompta X is now obsolete and no more supported by MacOS.

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