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MacCompta Pro 6.2.10 64-bit

Category : updates

Modifications and improvements since the previous version:

  • Mac OS : upgraded MacCompta to 64-bit version;
  • Windows : fixed bug occuring when creating new document;
  • Windows : fixed display errors;
  • Windows : installed Lutry typeface;
  • Demo mode : fixed bug occuring in the processing of orders;
  • Demo mode : fixed tab order (when moving from one field to the other);
  • Account statement : fixed bug linked to the marking and unmarking of linked entries;
  • Ledger : Cmd + Shift + Click on a given account updates current amount according to account balance;
  • Ledger : updated multiple-entry linking algorythm;
  • Accounts : enabled setting entries as title line;
  • Print – Trial Balance : added option allowing to ignore blank accounts;
  • Print – Periodic Balance : enabled printing of periodic balance;
  • Preferences : keyboard shortcuts display updated;
  • Chart of accounts : enabled setting title line in chart of accounts;
  • Search : corrected bug occuring when searching in chart of accounts;
  • Display : corrected bug occuring when multiple documents are simultaneously opened;
  • Export : corrected bug related to alphanumerical accounts;
  • Import : corrected bug when the imported file is corrupted;
  • Network : by default, the user machine name is set as username;
  • Network : corrected username display bug occuring when managing network sessions.


Last release : MacCompta Pro 6.2.10

Mac OS X 10.15

MacCompta Pro is fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Catalina.

MacCompta X is now obsolete and no more supported by this new MacOS.

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