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MacCompta Pro 6.2.15

Category : Non classé

Modifications and improvements since the previous version:

  • Mac OS : optimization for Monterey and Big Sur
  • Windows : printing issue fixed
  • Windows : installation of Lutry and Lutry Narrow fonts
  • Windows : background color refreshment bug fixed
  • Windows : bug which occurred when starting to drag a line fixed
  • Preferences : issue concerning variables containing apostrophes fixed
  • Preferences : printing issue fixed
  • Preferences : export and import of MacCompta user preferences enabled
  • Journal : lines keep their title status after modification, duplication or moving
  • Backup : also works with files stored on the network
  • Account extract export : issue with account list fixed
  • Journal : bug regarding Journal opening at the top fixed
  • About window : license status shows in the window
  • Export : encoding issue fixed
  • Import : accounting plan importation issue fixed
  • Import : bug which occurred when importing a file containing an empty line fixed
  • New document : keeps document configuration when copying an accounting plan
  • Auto closing : autocompletion of Journal line disabled
  • Account number change : copy-paste bug fixed
  • New function : reversal of selected lines in Journal
  • Annual license : license renewal can now be accessed in the Help menu
  • Annual license : once the license expires, the deadline before returning to demo mode was extended
  • Annual license : the license expiration alert is no more displayed at each start
  • Network : all links redirecting to MacCompta website were secured (HTTPS)


Last release : MacCompta Pro 6.2.16

Mac OS X 12

MacCompta Pro is fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Monterey.

MacCompta X is now obsolete and no more supported by MacOS.

Unidentified developer

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